Nurturing your wealth from cradle to growth, to maturity so that you can leave a timeless legacy. Iman' Africa Investment Academy is a financial education business. We provide useful & relevant financial information that allows our clients to grow their wealth over time.

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Wednesday 18h30 - 19h30 - Weekly 

 When you decide to make the most important decision of your life – to be born of God and become his child, it is important to have a place of safety where you will be helped to learn anew. We will be excited and honoured to share the Word with you until you feel you can be confident on your own. You are never alone ofcourse. Pastors will be discipling you in these weekly sessions, please feel free to post topics that you would like us to cover. We hope that during this period you will get to know your Creator more and forge an intimate relationship with Him.

9 Jul 2021 /8 Oct 2021 /14 Jan 2022 

 We are excited that you have decided to be part of this programme. This programme is about helping you along your journey and we will be having zoom meetings and where possible also interact on social media to make sure that we are working on something. You will be encouraged to share your progress in the 12 months. After this process we will start a new group and we hope that during the 12 month process you would have learnt a lot. 



 Monthly 18h30 - 20h30
 25th of every month

We share information that will help all of us individually. Our theme for the next 12 months is Rebuilding……. We will cover various  themes throughout the year.   

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Please note that participation in this initiative is voluntary. You are requested to refrain from using a language that is inappropriate, or insulting to an individual or a group of people.  All information shared in these sessions is private. Iman’ Africa Investment Academy will endevour to comply with all applicable legislation in relation to your information.

  However we request that you keep all the engagements in these sessions private unless individuals have expressly indicated that their material can be shared freely.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to shape the financial destiny of our clients. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring financial education & financial empowerment to our clients so they can achieve economic freedom.

Brief Overview

Our aim is to help our clients understand personal finance and to contribute to their wealth creation in support of their dreams.

As a result of many years of experience in the field, we are able to provide our clients considered solutions and economic empowerment opportunities in an easy and accessible way.

We provide first class service and understandable solutions that allow us to build and maintain a long lasting relationship that empowers our clients.


We have carefully selected partners who share the same philosophy of financial inclusion, financial empowerment and wealth creation. We are a subsidiary of the Iman’ Africa Holding Group which was created in 2006.

The Group has an aggressive strategy to acquire and build businesses which are in line with it’s ethos of creating wealth for it’s clients and shareholders over time.

Our Purpose

We are a purpose driven business reaching those who are not part of the financial and economic inclusion. We believe, that no matter how modest a start, we are committed to helping our clients build their wealth over time. We do this in the following ways:

* We empower our clients with financial education
   and reveal to them ways in which they can achieve
   a sound financial future.
* We facilitate and unlock economic and financial
   opportunities to help our clients build their
   wealth over time as this will help them leave a
  legacy of financial freedom to their children’s

* We provide information to our clients which helps them to uplift themselves from debt which
  enslaves them from a life of true financial freedom.

* We assist our clients to leverage their wealth and
  create lasting value.

* We have a pioneering spirit that looks at new ways of providing innovative solutions designed for financial inclusion and empowerment.

Our Client Base


Women Groups
Specialised Groupings

Our Services

Cradle . Growth . Maturity . Legacy

Broad Overview of Services

We add value to our clients by providing inspirational and yet simple financial education through seminars and training. Our training and seminar sessions give our clients practical steps towards getting out of their financial struggle. This is done in a simple method from the cradle offering through to the legacy offering.


Inspirational seminars
Income protection
Risk protection
Debt counselling
Financial Education
Financial Planning - full service


Inspirational seminars
Income protection
Risk protection
Debt counselling
Investment portfolio
Financial Planning - full service


Inspirational seminars
Income protection
Risk protection
Debt leveraging for asset accumulation
Interest free loans
Financial Planning - full service


Inspirational seminars
Income protection
Risk protection
Philanthropy services and support
CSI initiative Management & support
Financial Planning - full service

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